Our Vision and What We do


Outdoor Classrooms is passionate about empowering those who work in education to access the fantastic resource that is beyond the walls of the classroom! Everyone is different and so our approach to outdoor learning support is tailored to whomever we work alongside. We are approved suppliers on frameworks in The City of Edinburgh and West Lothian. Contact us for further details!

Our staff believe that outdoor learning should not be seen as a tick-in-the-box exercise and instead should be utilised as a way to access and compliment areas and activities across the curriculum in a deliberate and purposeful way. We work alongside HGIOS, Curriculum for Excellence and in line with a pedagogy of Learning for Sustainability to facilitate whole-school development and outdoor learning support.

Outdoor Learning also doesn’t necessarily need to be far-flung or even particularly exotic. The connections we make in our own local place, through our own communities can not only be far more accessible to all, but also hugely powerful, relatable and contextualised!

Four Zones of Outdoor Learning (Beames et al., 2012, p. 6)


While we love embedding ourselves into a school community, we recognise that sometimes things need to start small. Therefore, we can utilise our background in long term coaching of individuals and experience of mentoring to work across a spectrum of needs.

From 1:1 work with individuals at the start of their journey into outdoor learning looking for the first few pointers, through to organisational and cultural change. Our main goal is to create sustainable outdoor learning opportunities for all.

Individualised Approach

We help affect cultural change and develop a “whole-school approach”. We can work with you to develop Outdoor Learning in your school or establishment. By individualising our approach to “place” we can recognise, assess, acknowledge and overcome your own barriers, rather than make unfair assumptions and expectations that can often be seen in government policy.

We can help anyone who wants to explore the development of Outdoor Learning.

We’ve worked with head teachers, DHT’s, PT’s, teachers, additional support workers, support staff, parents or simply enthusiastic contributors to their local community in Edinburgh and across Scotland. Anyone can help develop meaningful, authentic, engaging, cross-curricular Outdoor Learning that promotes a connection with place and which compliments other activities rather than replace or hinder them.

No two people are the same, no two learners are the same, no two classes are the same and no two schools are the same!

Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to outdoor learning!!

Our name and why we chose it

“OudoorClassrooms.Scot Ltd” – We chose this name to let people know what we are at a glance. It incorporates everything we are passionate about – being outside and places of learning. When we think about Outdoor Classrooms, we think of using outdoor spaces as learning zones. Outdoor Classrooms suggests that, with the right support in place, everything that happens inside a classroom can happen beyond the walls of the classroom too! Why not see if we can help you create Outdoor Classrooms in your place of learning?

Allow us to help you utilise the fantastic resources you have in your “place” and reap the many benefits that outdoor learning can have for your whole community