A “Whole School Approach” to Outdoor Learning Training

By fully embedding our staff into your school, we are able to meaningfully incorporate sustainable change into your school community. We collaborate with your staff, pupils and place to truly recognise your goals, strengths, challenges and barriers and facilitate outdoor learning training for everyone in Scotland or further afield.

This is the only way to develop a true cultural change where regular use of outdoor learning in curriculum becomes part of what you do.

For a period of time agreed with you, we will spend time in your school, building capacity and additionally provide remote assistance where required. Not only are we experienced at supporting school leaders with development plans, risk management strategies and community engagement, we will also help teaching staff with class management, planning, resources and delivery of curriculum.

Above all we will work with you to develop a plan that is individualised to your school. We believe that this is the only way to truly, efficiantly and sustainably develop a culture of regular and deliberate outdoor learning from within!

For further details including cost/availability please get in touch.

CLPL/CAT Sessions and In Service Outdoor Learning Training Scotland

We can deliver CLPL/CAT and In-Service outdoor learning training sessions in your school or remotely online. These are tailored to your needs, can be anything from 1-2 hours, half-day or whole-day and can cover a variety of topics. Examples of sessions we have delivered include:

Effective management and utilisation of risk – risk assessments, risk management, a risk/benefit approach to learning and our risk-averse culture”

“Reflective Practice in Education – What is it? Why is it useful? How do we do it?”

Beyond Bushcraft – How do we effectively access curriculum in the outdoors?”

Nurture in the outdoors – how we can work with nature to help wellbeing of both staff and students”

Outdoor Nurture Groups

We have worked with schools to develop Outdoor Nurture Groups which incorporate not only the six principles of nurture https://www.nurtureuk.org/applying-the-six-principles-of-nurture/ , but also a place-based approach to outdoor learning. Studies have shown that nature and nurture can go hand-in-hand to help address mental health, wellbeing, social and emotional concerns which hamper learning in a mainstream setting. These groups aim to provide experiences within a safe and supportive environment which encourage positive relationships, role model behaviours and give young people vital opportunities for social learning.

Workshops and Presentations

We have delivered workshops and presentations both in person and online at conferences and as part of National Governing Body “Instructor” courses with fantastic feedback and testimonials. We aim to be informative, inspiring and engaging with our delivery and can tailor this to your needs.

1:1 Coaching/Mentoring

If you would like support in your own facilitation of learning beyond the classroom please get in touch. We are experienced long-term coaches and mentors and can meet in-person or online and help you with bespoke support in anything from signposting towards resources, behaviour management strategies, additional support for learning in the outdoors to Career Long Professional Learning.

Online Sessions

Our hybrid workforce is now well-versed in using technology to participate in professional development. The flexibility of this mode of learning means we can fit in around your busy schedules to deliver webinars and online Q&A sessions. We still aim to connect with you on an individual basis and our sessions are still active, engaging and involved!